Good on paper

My stay-at-home mom resume looks pretty appealing.  I’d hire me.  I’m creative, silly, and crafty.  I studied child development and I practice pediatrics.  I love, love, love my son.  So why wouldn’t I work part-time and stay home with him?  Simply, I like my job.  Much of my identity is tied into my career.  Maybe because I spent the past 11 years of higher education preparing for it and I’m not ready to let it go.  Regardless of why I work, I just don’t excel as a stay-at-home mom despite my resume potential.  I have many friends who thrive in this setting and I am sometimes jealous when I see them with their kids.  You know her, the mom with the perfectly packed diaper bag– ready for any disaster– or the homemade baby food, hand knit hats, and a daily itinerary that includes trips to the library and a craft project with macaroni noodles.  That woman just isn’t me.  At least not yet.  Instead we cram fun into our weekends and evenings by being creative, silly, and crafty while doing our errands.  Hopefully N will learn discipline, dedication, and passion from his working mom and not resent my absence.  In the meantime, I’m working on not resenting myself.

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