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There’s a new playground in town, except it’s an old playground with a new facelift.  Of course, the reopening quickly attracted every parent looking for weekend entertainment, including us, and after a short walk we were back at Seger Playground, exploring the new slides, swings, and twirling things.  Any parent who walks past Seger regularly knows how highly anticipated this opening was for the preschool scene.  Once interested in gallery openings, where we discussed the art, fashion, and wine, we now find ourselves on playgrounds analyzing the climbing equipment with the same scrutiny.


A red rope course linking pieces of playground equipment enticed kids big and small, but once on it the little ones were overwhelmed by how challenging it actually is.  A rescue by dad and we were back on track.  There were plenty of options for climbing though besides the ropes and I think we tackled all of them.  For sensory-seekers like N, there were not only swings, but see-saws and spinning pyramids.

Playground 2

As parents we enjoyed the cushioned terrain for the inevitable toddler stumbles and the well-gated and separated toddler area.  It took a whole 15 minutes before N realized there was another area for the “big kids.”  The only complaint was there were not enough garbage cans around for disposal of the tissues that I always end up stuffing in my pockets.  As I’ve mentioned here before, we have a garbage obsession in our household, so in some ways the lack of garbage cans in the play area limited that distraction.

Playground 3

It’s amazing how quickly I remember the excitement of a new playground: exploring new places, playing new games, and meeting new people.   My husband has a story he tells about “painting” a wooden playground boat with water with a preschool friend and they reminisce about this childhood innocence as adults.  I met a friend when she broke her clavicle falling from the McDonald’s playspace slide and we ended up roommates nearly twenty years later.  It is this sort of impact that childhood play has on us that I am excited to watch unfold as we venture to the various Philadelphia playgrounds each weekend.  I love watching N’s imagination develop and in entering his pretend world, I get to relive my own.

Here are some of my other favorite Philly playgrounds/parks:

Palumbo Playground

Sister Cities

Smith Playhouse


For more information about playgrounds and things to do with kids in Philadelphia (I have no affiliation with these blogs/websites):

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  1. The playground looks amazing!! Just went to the website and saw they are planning on having a water feature…how awesome would that be during the Philly summers?! I’m so happy to see such a beautiful space in the city for the kids to play 🙂

    1. Seger has a water feature now– it’s a spout on the top of a large pole, but nonetheless it provides water to sweaty kids all summer. They are trying to fundraise to build the water feature design on their website, so hopefully that will happen sometime soon. It would be nice to have it at the playground. Sister Cities park has fun water features, but there isn’t a playground there.

      I too am very excited to see a beautiful space for Center City kids to play!

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