Snuggles and Sniffles

After being sick for a few days, I was looking forward to a day off so that I could recuperate.  I had made plans for a long nap and catching up on mindless TV.  These plans were put on hold, however, when N woke up with a fever too.  I knew I would be home taking care of him all day instead, but wondered, who takes care of mommy?

The day began with both us taking our antipyretics.  Then there was mindless TV, but it was on the Sprout channel.  After breakfast, coloring, snacks, and games in the playroom, we both started to get cranky.  Amusing two sick people indoors all day is a difficult task, especially when mommy’s brain is in a fog.  Thankfully, a large box arrived in the mail and toddler imagination ran wild!


The best part of our sick day was the extra cuddling.  Doctor mommy encouraged drinking fluids, staying inside, and lots of hand-washing and doctor toddler prescribed extra snuggles.   At one point, N, a stuffed elephant, and I formed a triple-layer sandwich with our febrile faces pressed against each other.  It was more healing than any nap I could have imagined.

After today, if I have to stay home sick again, I wouldn’t mind a sick buddy– especially one who gives such cute hugs.


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  1. If that was my box, I’m glad it brought happiness on a blue day. Your post brought me happiness on stressful work day too. N’s bright smiling face was exactly what I needed to see.

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