Tuesdays with Mommy: Art Stars

I’ve been afraid to open the finger paints for a while.  Eating yogurt is a contact sport at our house, so I could only imagine what damage would ensue with paint.  I allowed N to get his art fix at his school for a while, but my creative side was eager to participate.  So I moved past my fear of messy hands, draped the playroom in plastic and towels, and let the little artist go!


Although it didn’t last long, we had fun and it was a great start to our creative adventures.  This Tuesday we are working on a Valentine’s Day project that I found on Pinterest.   In reality, he’s 23-months-old, so mommy is doing more of the project, but he will get to share it with his classmates on Valentine’s Day.  Check out my “Be Mine” board for your own Valentine’s inspiration.


We also had our first foray with markers recently.  N enjoyed choosing his own colors and he usually gets their names right.  Any color he forgets the name of is “green!” and he says it with enough confidence and pizzazz that I almost doubt myself.  I knew he was particularly proud of one piece when he hugged the paper, smearing marker across his cheek.  When we were all done, he put the markers in the box and said “buh-bye, Yellow,” to his favorite color.  Excited about all of our upcoming art projects, to yellow I say, “see you soon.”

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  1. We are super into markers (especially the Color Wonders!) at our house right now. And the Aqua Doodle! I want to kiss the genius who came up with that no-mess art idea! I love that you said eating yogurt is a contact sport 🙂 Braving finger paints…you keep clobbering me in the mommy bravery department!

  2. I can completely relate with you on this post. My 3-year old girl loves artworks that, more often than not, finds their way on clothes, walls, floors and cabinets. The best way for them to learn is guidance – a “let’s enjoy this together” kind of thing.

    Found you at the hop. Cheers on your nice blog posts. 🙂

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