The Hunt for Easter Tradition


Easter was a casualty of my parent’s divorce.  As is usual procedure, the holidays were divided up and my dad got Thanksgiving, my mom got Christmas, and Easter was up for grabs.  After we outgrew the Easter bunny and egg hunts, the appeal of Easter dwindled anyway, but the holiday always reminded me of being lost between two families.  Without strong Easter holiday traditions, it leaves me open to recreating new ones as I raise my own family.  The holiday may be about reflection, but I was ready to reclaim it and look forward, not back.

The pressure of creating and maintaining a new tradition is heavy though.  There were lots of ideas on local message boards and emails from other city parents.  I read about where to find the best egg hunt or the fuzziest Easter bunny.  I contemplated what would be in the perfect Easter basket.  I bought the materials to dye eggs and feared the damage it would cause my kitchen.  I thought about whether or not we would dress-up and go to church or have a casual brunch at home.  I waited in line at the bakery for the yummy Easter cookies with the rest of the city.

Easter art

In the end though, N wasn’t too interested in Easter yet either.  He tried to eat the hard-boiled egg with the shell on, wouldn’t eat the brunch, and we missed the egg hunt.  So we stuck with our most recent tradition of spending the afternoon with family and left the commercial aspects of Easter for another year.  We did, however, use some of the Easter materials to do some art projects together and made a sign for our window and a card for Grandma.  I think our new Easter tradition of homemade fun and family is off to a good start.  I know that N will help add to this each year with his own preferences and as he grows, so will our new family traditions.  I look forward to our next Easter together already.

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  1. Easter is a time of joy, don’t let it stress you. Make the colored eggs and hide them around the house next year, either in the house or in your yard.
    When making an Easter basket, add some treats like a chocolate bunny, some jelly beans, peeps, don’t forget a dyed egg with N’s name on it,put a cupcake in there too. Add a little stuffed bunny, chick or duckling. Maybe one of those eggs that have a little window in one end where he can peek in and see a little spring scene, add a mini gar gar truck, make it exciting, wrap it in pastel celafane with a big bow on top, put in a card that is somewhat religious just to remember why we celebrate the day.

    Get dressed up, go to church, stroll in a pretty park, where there are walkways of gravel or earth (no concrete) where there is grass, trees and some flowers, maybe where there is a lake or pond, look for frogs & carp point out the signs of spring. Throw a penny in a fountain. Brian can tie a piece of string to a stick put an open safety pin on it with a piece of bread fish for carp in the lake or just attract a frog. A trip to Longwood Gardens, it’s
    a great place. Take him to see the big ships at the Naval yard.

    By next year Ns interests will change and you wont remember any of my big city life suggestions.

    I had fun remembering the things my family did for us on Easter Sunday.
    I know N will have wonderful memories of his Easters in the big city because
    you and Brian will make wonderful new family traditions.

    Love and miss you all

  2. The holidays definitely get more fun as they get a bit older…now that my daughter is 3, she looks forward to all the holidays and it is so wonderful to experience it through their eyes! N is very lucky to have a mommy who cares so much 🙂

  3. I think the most important thing about the holidays is spending time together as a family and reflecting on the true meaning of that holiday. We don’t actually need fancy baskets and to trek to every egg hunt across town to show our children that we love them. Crafts in my opinion are one of the best ways to bond and enjoy time with your children. I think you did just great and these are going to be fond memories your child holds for the rest of his life. (And I too was the child going back and forth during the holidays—I try to keep things slower with my 5 sons that way they don’t feel the rush and madness I felt over the holidays).

    1. Thanks for your comment and support, Mandee. And 5 sons! Wow! My heart just skipped a beat. I don’t know how you slow anything down with 5 sons. We are spinning with 1. =)

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