City view


I woke up the other day excited about the view from my window in our new house.  A simple view of a tree, neighboring rooftops, and blue sky may not seem exciting to you, but after many years of city apartments with buildings a mere 30 feet away, this open view was invigorating.  I feel more connected to the world around me in our new home and I know that my son is feeling the same way.

Part of our bedtime ritual involves hoisting him up onto his windowsill so he can say “night, night buildings.”  We say goodnight to many things, but it always starts with the buildings, which are the skyscrapers that make up the Philadelphia skyline.  Whenever we are traveling around the city and catch a glimpse of the skyline, N shouts “buildings!”  He has started to think that these are his buildings, since he can see them from his window.  His view is perfect for a growing imagination because in addition to buildings, we see trees, airplanes, and cars and discuss history, travel, nature, and weather.  This view allows us to dream.


The skyline makes an appearance in one of his favorite counting board books as well, 1-2-3 Philadelphia.  I found the book in his crib this morning and couldn’t help  but think about how some day my little man will go out and explore the world on his own, but that his view of the world is already opening up.


* This post is dedicated to some of my favorite cities: Philadelphia, New York, and in particular today, Boston.

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