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N was a late talker, but he is making up for lost time these days with his constant chatter.  It’s great having a child who can communicate with you and I’m enjoying hearing what he has to say.  While he’s moved beyond calling his truck “gar gar” to “trash truck,” some of his pronunciation continues to need refining.  I recently taught him the word “Eskimo,” which he adorably says as “a-KIZ-mo.”  I have no doubt that in time he will improve his articulation and in the meantime I am enjoying that there are some words that he makes cuter.

His dad and I understand most of what he says, although he occasionally throws in a word or two that are a mystery.  One of those words in particular creates quite a lot of laughter in our house.  Randomly, he will look us in the eye and say, “I want a ___” and use a word that sounds like “RAW-ber-tee.”  I’ve tried to think of words that he could possibly be saying (robbery, liberty, red birdy, raw berry) but he denies all of them.  So I started repeating the word back to him, just as it sounded to me, and this delights him.  He roars with laughter at my pronunciation of this nonsensical word.  Giddy, we say it back-and-forth to each other again and again.  However, I’m beginning to think there is a joke here that’s on me.  So feel free to help me out and add your thoughts about what a “RAW-ber-tee” is…

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    1. Oooh… good thought. He doesn’t love strawberries, so I didn’t think of that one, but I can try it!

    1. Good thought. I don’t think so though because he never says it in the bath and he knows how to say “duck.”

  1. Yeah, he wants a library, I still have those books I told you about. Every library should contain history books!

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