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When I was pregnant with N, everyone made predictions about whether or not he was going to be a boy or girl.  It seemed that every patient’s parent was an expert in gender detection, commenting on the shape of my belly, what symptoms I was having, or the zodiac.  I had my own predictions too, that were based less on old wives tales and more on my own hopes.  Ultimately though, I left the gender reveal up to the ultrasound technician.

One person who was right about N and also right about this pregnancy is my friend, E.  This Memorial Day weekend we took a girls trip to Atlantic City in celebration of our 10-year college reunion.  It was there that E worked her prophetic magic, which entailed no more than placing a hand on my belly.  No comments about my body shape, rings dangling on string, or interpreting my cravings.  She has no medical training and does not have psychic abilities in any other domain.  She has a 100% success rate though in predicting the sex of an unborn baby and those are odds that I was willing to bet on.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Not entirely convinced though, the rest of our friends encouraged me to stop at the $5 palm reading psychic sitting in a lawn chair on the Atlantic City boardwalk.  What could be more scientific?  Never before consulting with a mystic, I decided to indulge in a $5 experiment in the spirit of gambling in Atlantic City.  After telling me about how long I will live, from what I will die, how many times I will be married, how much heartbreak I have had, what type of personality I have, and how many children I will bear, the session ended without any comment about my baby bump.  “Do you have any other questions for me,” she asked, as I suggestively rubbed my belly hoping to trigger some revelation.  Although she had just discussed many intimate aspects of my life, in reference to my baby’s sex she replied, “I can’t tell that, it is nature.”   It seems that not even a psychic likes a 50% chance of being wrong.

So, the ultrasound results are now in and in case you want to make a last-minute guess, I’m carrying high and my cravings are salty.  N has cast his vote, but I am not convinced he knows what either brother or sister means as he has also told me there is a baby in his belly.  Here is a photo of our sweet little baby:


Meet N’s new sister!

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    1. Shannon- thanks for reading! Congrats on your pregnancy too. Boys are fun! Hope you keep following Mommy Call.

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