Cat tales


This is Arthur.  He’s been our cat for the past ten years and for the last two of those years he has endured a lot of N’s petting (and that’s putting it nicely).  For a while, N didn’t seem to notice Arthur’s presence in the house.  As he grew he became more interested in meeting his pet though and Arthur wisely began keeping his distance.  He spends most of his day hiding upstairs and once N is sleeping comes down to roam freely, deeming it safer.  He’s had some interactions with children who treated him roughly in the past, so he is hesitant to trust others, but always patient.  Occasionally though, Arthur brazenly lets N cuddle him and I think he is starting to warm up to the idea of a child in the house.


Through his interactions with Arthur, N has learned about being “gentle” and he proudly practices his gentle touch with every animal and baby he meets.   They are very sweet with each other.  N often tries to refill Arthur’s food bowl, knowing that is the best way to his heart.  He calls it “helping” but usually it leads to a pile of cat food all over the floor or in the water bowl.  Arthur doesn’t seem to mind though.  When Arthur makes a mess of his own, N lets Daddy know that “bad cat made a mess.”  I think he is happy being the one who isn’t in trouble for once.

During our bedtime prayers we usually say night night to our friends and family, and last night I asked, “did I forget anyone?”  N looked at me with a sweet smile and said “Artur the Cack.”


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  1. Congratulations to Arthur on his internet debut!
    You know how I feel about cats and dogs, they are wonderful companions and teaching tools. Young children need to be taught to be gentle and in return that pet will teach compassion, love, loyalty and trust. N and Artur the cack are in the process of learning about each other and building a friendship. I love it!

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