Crib Redux


I was hoping that once N started climbing out of his crib, his new “big boy” room would be ready and he could vacate the nursery for baby #2.  Unfortunately, he decided to try this much before I was ready, but not wanting to wait for him to try it again and risk injury, we opted to convert his crib into a toddler bed in the meantime.  That’s why we bought the convertible crib anyway, right?

I imagined that this new freedom to enter and exit his bed at will would make bedtime significantly more challenging and lead to many more “get back in bed” and “I’m not going to say it again” expressions harkening back from my own childhood memories.   I was ready for battle.  Always full of surprises though, N went to bed as if nothing was different.   I had settled in on the couch downstairs, feeling prematurely victorious, when I heard him start sobbing and went back upstairs to calm him down.  He sat up in his crib and pointed to the safety rail now fastened where his crib wall used to stand.  “I want to fix it,” he repeatedly said between sobs.  “Daddy fix it.”

A few twists of the screwdriver later and N’s crib was back intact.  As soon as the crib was restored he said, “goodnight mommy and daddy,” waved us goodbye, and slept soundly through the night.  He has not attempted to climb from the crib again (although I’ve placed a fair number of pillows outside it just in case).  The lesson in this experience was apparently that if you try to climb out of your crib, mommy and daddy will break it.

While N apparently was not yet ready for the freedom of a toddler bed, I too am glad that there is still a part of him that enjoys the security of being a baby.  Although I eventually need him to make room for the actual baby, I am happy to give him as much time as he needs for that transition.  As someone who spent much of her life wanting to grow up, there are so many times now I wish I could be young again and I am glad that N is embracing it.

In the meantime, we are readying his big boy room and preparing to make the next transition less traumatic!

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