Daddy Call


This blog is mostly about being a mommy, as is obvious from its title, so I have not mentioned much about N’s father.  This has been mostly to respect his privacy and not tell his story for him, but not to diminish the importance of his role in our family.


I see so many children without fathers each day.  There are a variety of reasons that these children are fatherless: divorce, abandonment, incarceration, death.  Whatever the reason though, I am sorry that they will not know the joy that my son is experiencing with his dad.  In a world where it seems that good fathers are becoming scarcer, we are so lucky to have someone like him enrich our lives.  Some of the things he teaches N might not be my favorites (like intentionally farting), but others are adventurous and bold, and things he likely wouldn’t learn from me.  We provide a good parenting balance in N’s life.  I see a tremendous friendship growing and know that they have years of fun and bonding to come.


Today is the one day that we formally acknowledge his contributions to our family, but I hope he realizes that we appreciate him on a daily basis.  N has a great role model to emulate and I hope that one day he follows in his father’s footsteps.  As a working mom, I could not be the mom I am without having him as the dad he is.  His support and love have been essential from the beginning and continue to allow both N and I to thrive.


 Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, but especially to mine and N’s.

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  1. Very nice Fathers Day Wish from You,You just don’t understand farting on demand “it’s a Guy thing”. It’s part of not holding back ! Love You XOXOXOX

    1. I think you and N are very fortunate to have such wonderful men in your lives, B, your Dad and your Grand Dad. Happy Fathers Day! Note to B, farting on demand may lead to many soiled diapers, be careful! Love to all.

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