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One of my favorite Sunday morning activities is to visit the Farmer’s Market at Headhouse Square.  Nestled in the remnants of a historic firehouse, this bounty of fruits and vegetables not only provides us with our morning entertainment but our weekly inspiration to live healthier.  As I’ve mentioned before, N doesn’t eat many fruits and veggies these days, but I continue to surround him with them hoping this will change.

Playing with the "computer" as N calls it.
Playing with the “computer” as N calls it.

After a short walk, we typically stop to get some cash, which N enjoys participating in.  As far as I know, the market does not accept credit cards, but in addition to cash they do take SNAP/ACCESS cards, Philly Food Bucks, and WIC.  Then, we take our reusable lemonade cup to the Made in the Shade lemonade stand for a refreshing beverage.  Typically our morning starts three hours before the market opens, so by the time we arrive we have already worked up a thirst.


Next, we browse the beautiful fruit and vegetable baskets for our weekly selections.  I unfortunately do not have any photos of the actual market as I’m usually too busy trying to keep my toddler from knocking a bushel of tomatoes to the ground.  We weave our way through the crowds though and select a few of our favorite items.  You can find fresh peaches, apples, and cinnamon raisin bread in my shopping bag.  By this time, we have worked up an appetite.  N prefers to get a muffin, while I opt for either a cup of soup from Good Spoon or an egg sandwich from Lucky Old Souls burger truck.


We are always running into friends here too, which although we live in a city makes this market have a small town feel.  Lastly, we take a run through the fountain to cool off before our trip home.  N especially loves this part.


Nothing says summer like a farm stand, lemonade, and a sprinkler.  These were key components of my childhood summers and have been reinvented for N’s city summers.  I look forward to each Sunday!

To see where The Food Trust is working near you:

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    1. Touche! Being the only vegetable eater in my household, unfortunately the fresh stuff doesn’t keep for long enough for me to eat it all. So I tend to buy more frozen veggies and just buy fresh things for the day of when I know it works with our recipe.

      1. You need to teach the men in your house what my Mother taught me, “You have to try it before you say you don’t like it–if you try it and then don’t like it you don’t have to eat it.” You may remember her saying that. It’s a good house rule for toddlers, as for Brian, your on your own!

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