The Joker


I have been laughing at things that N says for a while now, but only recently has he started to realize how funny he is or can be.  While he laughs in response to my laughing at him, he is now learning that he can say things to prompt my laughter and he seems to enjoy doing so.  He has one joke that he created and repeats often:

{Something falls over}

N:  Arthur pick it up.

Mommy or Daddy:  No, he can’t pick it up!

N: Because he has cat paws!

{cue hysterical laughter from the 2-year-old}

I never knew that talking about an animal’s lack of opposable thumbs would be so funny!  I love seeing N’s developing sense of humor though and I appreciate that he is trying to make us laugh.  Just another way he brings us joy.

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