Three’s Company

As my due date approaches I am often asked if I am “getting ready.”  When I was pregnant with my son, I spent countless hours browsing baby stores and nursery decor websites.  Although he was born 5.5 weeks early, he had a ready wardrobe and nursery waiting for him.  This time though, it has been harder to get ready for my baby girl’s arrival because my “baby boy” hasn’t been ready to vacate the nursery yet (remember what happened when we converted the crib to a toddler bed?).  In fact, as I pull out some of his old baby items to pass along to his sister, he tells me “Mommy, this isn’t for babies” and then shows me how he would use it.

Exhibit A:


On the other hand, as a now experienced mom I am much more relaxed about preparing for the baby’s arrival.  I know what things I really need (a car seat, a bassinet, and a breast pump) and what things I don’t (about 95% of what baby stores tell you to register for).  So instead of scouring baby websites, I’m spending my last days/weeks of pregnancy enjoying being a family of three.  These are the last days that my little man will be my only child and I think giving that up will be just as hard for me as it will be for him.  So we have been savoring our time together.


When the time comes to welcome his sister, I know that we will find ways to introduce her to our routines (perhaps this pink dump truck) and build new traditions (maybe something like the story in the book I received at my shower yesterday, Phoebe & Digger).  He is already excited to meet her, but agrees that “it’s not time yet– stay inside.”  Right now, three is a good number.


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  1. Ahh that was a sweet post. After the first baby all things seem to come into perspective as to what’s really important and what really matters! Enjoy your family time.

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