As a child, I never liked Halloween.  I know this sounds odd, as most children LOVE Halloween, but I never liked dressing up, I hated the mandatory school costume parade, and I didn’t like chocolate!  So the holiday never had much appeal to me until I got older and realized that it was a good excuse to explore my crafty side and be goofy.  Now as a parent, I look forward to how cute my little guy looks in his costumes, although I have yet to tackle the homemade variety.  With my second child soon to have an October birthday, I figured it was time to embrace Halloween wholeheartedly.

I started collecting Halloween ideas on a Pinterest board (here), as well as some cute costume ideas since I can never come up with any when I need to, typically at the last-minute (here).  Take a look and find your own Halloween inspiration.


We haven’t decided yet what N’s costume will be this year.  The past two years he has been a dragon/dinosaur (jury is still out) and Superman.  We spent those Halloween’s at the Nest’s Halloween Nestival, which is a great family friendly Halloween party for little ones.  I especially enjoyed their cupcake displays and the photo booth that allowed me to play with Superman in front of the camera.  This year N has a classmate’s dress-up birthday party at the same time, so we will be celebrating with his friends and can’t wait to see everyone in their costumes.


With the pumpkins out on the sidewalks and the leaves on the ground, it really does feel like Fall now.  One of my favorite Fall treats are apple cider donuts and I’m anxious to get to a local Farm to pick up a batch.  In the meantime, I may tackle this baked pumpkin donut hole recipe that my friend over at Really Risa shared on her blog.  Tonight though, I’ll be making one of N’s favorites, pumpkins (which he used to call “dumpkins”), in the form of pumpkin ravioli (from Superior Pasta in the Italian Market) to kick-off the season.  Happy October!

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  1. Growing up, I recall Mom and my aunts got together and made all of us kids homemade costumes, every year! Whatever you do have fun.

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