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I hear all kinds of sleep concerns from parents in my clinic and each time I am grateful that I have a good sleeper at home.  N has always taken a long nap and slept well through the night from an early age.  He also is good at self-soothing and prefers to rock and sing himself to sleep (as grandma recently found out when he excused her when he was ready to go to sleep on his own).  Since he’s been learning more songs at school recently, he has expanded his bedtime lullaby repertoire.  After I leave his room, I often hear him singing The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, or Old McDonald on the baby monitor.  There is nothing cuter than his little voice squeaking “E-I-E-I-O” before falling asleep.  It is slightly less cute when you wake up in the morning to the same thing.  “I yelled it into that,” he told me once, pointing to the baby monitor camera.


As he gets older, I fear that his naps may become a thing of the past, as so many other parents warn me often happens.  A recent New York Times Well piece highlights how important naps are to the learning of children aged 3-5 years (read more here).  I know that for N, who gives 110% while awake, these naps allow him to recharge and give his parents a much-needed rest of their own!

Baby #2 has been keeping me up all night and she’s not even born yet, so I am fearful that I may not be as lucky as I was the first time around in the sleep department.  Here’s to hoping N can teach her his good habits!

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  1. My first was a horrible napper so we course corrected for #2, almost TOO well (he can ONLY nap in his crib, at the designated time). And now, at 3y3m, #2 is starting to drop his name. Oh how I hate to see it go!

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