P is for Plum


After I recently complained online about my toddler’s picky eating, Plum Organics sent me a care package to help augment our snack cabinet options.  I’ve bought Plum Organics snacks for years now, but enjoyed seeing some of their newer products and new flavors.  N’s favorite so far are the teensy fruits and I had to sneak a few for myself!  These snacks certainly help me when quickly packing his lunch before rushing off to work and school and I feel good about their nutritional content and BPA-free packaging.  I also often tell parents who are traveling about the yogurt pouches because they are so easy to throw in your bag and don’t need to be refrigerated.  Unfortunately, Plum Organics wasn’t able to send me their newest product, Mighty 4, which is a puree of fruits, veggies, grains, and Greek yogurt, so I will have to look for that in stores.  We are continuing to enjoy all of the other yummy snacks though.  Thanks, Plum Organics!


{Disclosure:  I am not a nutritionist and any endorsement of these products comes from me as a mother and not as a physician.  Please talk to your personal physician about what foods to feed your child.  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.}

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