Head First


N charged into this world head first, literally, and over 5 weeks early.  His dramatic birth story is featured here and here, so I won’t delve into it again now except to say that his entrance matched the way he lives his life.  For example, at the playground N plays regularly with a group of similar aged little boys, making up silly games and nonsense speech that delights them and fills the playground with giggles, squeals, and sometimes cries (they are 2-years-old, after all).  Above everyone else though, you can always hear N’s laugh, see his smile taking over his entire face, and watch his body quiver with excitement.  While watching this entertaining show with the other parents, one of the moms said to me, “he has such an exuberance for life.”  She summed him up perfectly.

N’s little sister, however, is taking her time.  Already fashionably late, her pregnancy has been less dramatic and I hope and pray that her delivery is as well.  I am anxious to meet her and see what her temperament and personality are like.  It will be hard not to compare her to her big brother, but I know that I will value and appreciate all of their differences and similarities.  Regardless, I know that her brother’s exuberance will only add happiness to her life, as it has mine.

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