Buddies and Budsies

Even more special than finding a best friend is when you both have kids and they become friends.  While a year and half separate N and V, they play very well together and are already laying the groundwork for a nice friendship.  My friend and I often joke that they are kindred spirits with a shared spunkiness that keeps us on our mommy toes.


While my friend and I share many things, most recently our maternity and baby clothes, our kids are now starting to share as well.  So when I heard about a new company that specializes in making stuffed toys out of children’s artwork, called Budsies, I knew that this was something that N could share with his buddy V.  The way it works is that you have your child draw a photo of something, upload it or text it to the website, and then they magically turn it into a stuffed toy for your child to enjoy.  The process was amazingly simple.

While V is old enough to draw recognizable objects, N is still in the scribbling stage.  I imagined some seamstress trying to create a multi-colored swirl shaped pillow and thought that we could never make this Budsie work.  So we opted for me drawing an outline for him to color and chose one of his current favorite obsessions, a fire truck.  Here are the kids’ Budsie drawings:

V's Pink Pig
V’s Pink Pig
N's Fire Engine
N’s Fire Engine

Four weeks later our Budsie’s arrived in the mail and the kids were thrilled to see their creations.  Now, they each have a Budsie to remind them of each other, no matter how far apart they may live in the future.


As a parent, I am always looking for creative ways to preserve my son’s artwork and I love this creative way to make it come to life and last longer.  The Budsies were very well made with beautiful fabrics and sturdy enough for toddlers to snuggle (and they are machine-washable!).  If you are looking for a holiday gift, this is a great idea for your little ones and their friends.  Also, if you order during the month of November, Budsies will make a duplicate toy for a child in need, so you can also teach your children about giving back and being thankful.


For more information about Budsies: www.budsies.com

{Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.  I did receive the Budsies described above for free, but my interaction with this company does not influence my medical decision-making and the opinions expressed here are by me as a mother and not a pediatrician.}

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