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After G was born, N had some adjustment difficulties.  I always tell parents in my office that the older sibling will likely take well to the new baby but end up resenting mom and I suggest setting aside special time for the older sibling to make him/her feel special.  Heeding my own advice, I planned a special mommy date for N and I and we took a walk to a local coffee shop.  I was elated as he held my hand, chattering away while we walked to the coffee shop but I don’t remember anything that we talked about because all I could think about was when did my baby turn into such a little man?!


N was on his best behavior.  He was happy to have his favorite chocolate milk and chose a vanilla whoopie pie for his snack.  We conversed about his favorite things… trucks, trucks, and trucks.  At one point, he said he wanted to sit next to me and we took a few selfies.  I couldn’t stop smiling.


I wish I could report that this outing fixed all of our behavioral concerns, but this is real life, or at least my life, and things aren’t that easy.  I think N truly enjoyed his special one-on-one time though.  The part that I didn’t know I should tell moms is how much this special time with the older sibling will mean to them.  My days are mostly filled with breastfeeding, changing diapers, and sleeping, and I don’t get to spend as much time with N as I wish, so having some  alone time was precious.  I am already looking forward to our next date.


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