Hair that Hurts

For many parents, the first haircut is a big deal.  I know some save a lock of the hair as a keepsake.  For us, N’s first haircut was less ceremonial.  One night B took a pair of scissors and gave N the worst haircut ever.  We laughed that it was reminiscent of a monk’s tonsure.


After that, I took over all hair styling responsibilities and I think his hair looked pretty good for a while.  However, as he’s gotten older and his hair gets longer and thicker it has become more challenging for an untrained stylist like myself.  In addition, N started claiming that “it hurts” whenever I cut his hair, screaming with each snip as if he could feel it.  This summer, we tried using a pair of clippers to shave his head to help keep him cooler and his reaction was such that our neighbors probably thought we were amputating his arm.  So without being able to shave his head and him screaming “it hurts,” his hair became progressively more unruly.  Recently, he started waking with matted clumps of hair that were almost impossible to comb out.  After his teachers at school started tackling these dreadlocks for us, we thought we should have his hair professionally cut before his school started to wonder about our hygiene.


When I asked N if he wanted to go to “the haircut store” he replied, “yes, I want a green one.”  I took that as consent and so we embarked to a local salon, where he watched the customers in amazement and patiently waited his turn for “the green one.”  Another mom even told her children that they should behave more like N, which if you have read this blog before you know doesn’t happen often.  Things quickly changed once it was N’s turn to get in the chair though.  Thrashing, sobbing that “it hurts” and begging me to leave made the stylist’s job more challenging than she imagined when she met my angel in the waiting area.  When she asked what kind of style I wanted, I said “short and whatever you can do quickly.”


In the end, N got a short style that somewhat resembles Kate Gosselin, but the stylist and I were happy enough that she was able to cut any of it without any injuries to anyone.  I think he looks very handsome.  It is definitely easier to maintain and will hopefully lead to fewer battles when brushing it. There was no saving of his hair, however we both left covered in plenty of it since N wouldn’t wear the salon’s smock.  Afterwards, the stylist rewarded him with a lollipop (a green one!) and we rushed home to show daddy his new ‘do.  As I called to his dad to come see his new haircut, I beamed hearing N proclaim: “and it doesn’t hurt, daddy.”

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  1. Hope each haircut gets easier! We try bribing him, but Ronnie still cries as if we were torturing him. Which than makes me nervous he has sensory issues and will need to be classified. Ah, the life of a paranoid mom!

  2. Wow, this is really funny! I feel as if most parents go through the struggle of having kids with hair that hurts. I think his haircut turned out wonderful and he may not have been too excited but at least its tamed!

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