Anti-Bottle Baby


Being an exclusively breast-fed baby, G initially didn’t take well to the bottle.  We started trying it a few weeks before I returned to work and she was definitely not interested.  She would give me these sideways glances, as if to say why aren’t you just feeding me like usual?  She would purse her lips and spit any milk that we got in her mouth back in our faces.  While one part of me worried that she would go hungry at daycare, the other part of me felt proud that I had such a dedicated breast-feeder.

As the weeks continued, my tenacious little G continued to refuse her bottles for dad and daycare.  Usually by the afternoon she would give in and drink enough to satisfy her until I returned home, but she made a demonstration of not enjoying it.  I was proud that she was already showing her personality, even if it was making feeding her more difficult and stressing me while I was away from her at work.

Looking for help, I asked my Facebook community for ideas to help a reluctant bottle-feeder and then tried those suggestions.  In the end though, G had to do it on her own terms.  It seems that much like her birth, when she isn’t ready for something to happen she has no problem digging in her heels and sticking to her convictions.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out in adolescence, but I admire a girl who knows what she wants!


[Ultimately, G chose the Born Free BPA-Free Glass bottles, seen in picture above.  I have no affiliation with Born Free and was not compensated for this post.]

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