Namaste Baby


I am sprawled on the floor staring into my baby’s big blue eyes and she reaches out and touches my lips.  My heart melts.  I take a deep breath in and out.  My “Om” harmonizes with the instructor’s, but my mind is centered on the perfect little being in front of me.  I am at a mommy-baby yoga class.

Prior to having children, yoga was one of my favorite forms of exercise, but since having children it has been harder to commit to a scheduled class.  The classes on the weekends when I am home are hard to attend unless I have childcare and the mommy-baby classes are scheduled on weekdays when I am working.  So when working full-time with N, it was near impossible to take a class with him, but my more flexible work schedule now made it so that G and I could start a new yoga practice together.  Mommy-baby yoga entails some meditation together, an individual practice for mommy, baby stretching, and then mommy-baby savasana.  G loved meditating with me and I was amazed at her stillness and focus.  However, while I struggled through a series of poses that my body hasn’t done in years, she became bored and demanded that the instructor spend some time cuddling her.  It took much restraint not to laugh out loud at the sounds of her baby growls and squeals behind me as I stood seriously in warrior’s pose.  Once it was her turn, she giggled throughout her stretches and especially loved anything that involved me jiggling her baby fat and giving her hugs (which was admittedly my favorite too).  Of course it wasn’t all fun, as she did spit up all over both of us while she was sitting on me in the legs up the wall pose.  It was worth it though to glance up at her sitting proudly atop her mommy.

The class was able to give me some much-needed exercise, while also allowing me to connect with my baby.  It encouraged me to reflect on how I was feeling, as a mom, as a person, and as a yogi.  It was the perfect mommy-baby afternoon.  Namaste.


Find your own parent-child yoga class in Philadelphia:

Yoga Garden

Mama’s Wellness Joint

Philly Power Yoga

Shanti Yoga Shala

[Disclaimer: Talk with your health  care provider before starting any exercise program.]

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