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We have had a busy week leading up to Easter, full of bunnies, eggs, and candy.  The festivities started with an egg hunt at a local park last weekend and were followed by a trip to Bunnyland at Linvilla Orchards this weekend.  N has already asked if we could return to the park “where the Easter bunny lives” and while on the hayride to see the Easter bunny he inquired if “Santa would be there too.”  So we obviously have a little teaching to do about they mythical Easter bunny.  Regardless of where he lives and the company he keeps, the Easter bunny will continue to be a big hit once N wakes up to find the basket of treats that he hid at our house this morning.  I always try to make our Easter baskets have minimal candy though, so this year his is also filled with toys and activities like a slinky, bug magnifying glass, and fuzzy chick.  Although G doesn’t know what is going on yet, I didn’t want to exclude her from the fun, so she has a tiny basket filled with organic baby food.  Now that she is six months old, she is starting solids, which unfortunately for her does not yet include chocolate!  After church, we’ll be dying eggs and then having an early dinner with family and friends.  Perfect weekend.

Wishing you a happy Easter (or Passover, or Spring)!


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For Philadelphia Easter events for kids, including egg hunts:  http://www.phillyfun4kids.com/2014/04/easter-weekend-phillyfun-picks-april-18.html

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  1. It seems like not very long ago you were thinking about making family traditions. You’ve found the best way to spend a Happy Easter, surprises from the Easter Bunny, church , family and friends! Love to all.

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