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One of the things I miss most about being a new mom is shopping.  I used to enjoy leisurely window shopping on Saturdays, but since having children there has been nothing leisurely about my weekends.  I remember one particular outing, determined to buy some post-maternity clothes I loaded up our stroller with everything I could possibly need and headed out to some of my favorite stores.  My baby slept long enough for me to gather a number of garments and get partially undressed in the dressing room before waking with a ravenous hunger.  I sat on a hard wooden bench under the fluorescent lights breastfeeding him for thirty minutes, while the dressing room attendant frequently checked in to see if I needed any help.  After that, a diaper change, and spitting up all over me, I decided to suspend the shopping trip and surrendered my potential purchases over to the clerk.  Trudging home in my improperly fitting maternity clothes, I felt hopeless about shopping with an infant and resorted to online shopping for a majority of my purchases since.

The problem with online shopping is that I tend to get in a rut and find myself at the same websites over and over again, getting bored with my wardrobe in no time.  So when I recently found a site called Stitch Fix, where stylists help select items for you, I was hopeful that I might be able to reinvigorate my wardrobe.  The way it works is that you complete a style questionnaire online, including questions about your sizes, proportions, favorite colors, dislikes, and what body parts you want to highlight.  You can even create a Pinterest board with ideas for your stylist (see mine here).  Then, a stylist selects five items for you to try on in the privacy of your home and you have three days to make your purchase and ship back whatever you aren’t keeping.  Super easy!  My first box arrived this week and I was very satisfied with the selections.  Of the five pieces, I liked four of them, but unfortunately only two fit.  I made some adjustments to my style profile and I am optimistic about my next Stitch Fix shipment.  In addition to sending you the clothing, they also include a styling card for each item, to give you ideas about how to wear it and with what accessories.  I loved that they gave me suggestions for how to incorporate these pieces into my existing wardrobe and inspiration for different combinations.  The checkout process and return mailing was incredibly easy also.


One my biggest wardrobe challenges as a working mom is that I often go straight from the office to daycare and need my clothes to be able to make that transition as well (I wrote about my work-life wardrobe balance over at Really Risa in 2012, here).  I need to wear things that aren’t out-of-place on the playground, allow me to appear professional at work, and are machine-washable!  My Stitch Fix stylist took on this challenge and hit a home run in terms of versatility!  I immediately wore the Pomelo orange striped shirt with a pair of khaki pants and loafers that I already owned, and with inspiration from the style card I added a turquoise and coral necklace that I made years ago.  I loved it and received compliments on it at work, and later at the playground, verifying that my first Stitch Fix was a success!

To get started with your own Stitch Fix:


[Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own and I have no affiliation with Stitch Fix.  I do receive a $25 credit toward purchases for every new Stitch Fix user who signs up with my referral code.]

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