Spring in the City


I had a relaxing Mother’s Day with my kids and husband in Philadelphia.  While walking home from our brunch, where we successfully fed both kids and ourselves without any major spills or tantrums (success!), my husband pointed to a hospital and said to our 3-year-old, “that’s where you were born.”  It was then that I realized that in our simple morning stroll, we had eaten at the same restaurant as the night we became engaged, walked past the hospital where both children were born, and incidentally ran into two neighbors outside our neighborhood.  Despite living in a large city, it had a small town feel.  After living in Philadelphia for ten years now, there are memories around every corner.  It feels great that we are able to share these memories with our children now and that someday they will have their own history in this great city.

As more and more families with young children start moving out to the suburbs in favor of better schools, we are proudly planting our roots here and hoping to soak up the enrichment that the city has to offer families (while also hoping the city schools improve soon).  I have chronicled many of our city adventures on this blog (see here), but here are some of the other blogs/websites that I use for inspiration when looking for things to do in the city:

Wee Wander: a parent’s guide to navigating Philadelphia

Philly Fun 4 Kids: fun stuff 4 smart women with progeny in tow

Uwishunu: Philly from the inside out

Hipster Henry: the parents guide to Philadelphia


Some of the things next on our city agenda this Spring include:

Food: Miles Table, Red Owl Tavern

Arts:  Arden TheatrePhiladelphia Magic Gardens

Shopping:  My Fabulous Mama Boutique, Franklin Flea

Events:  Italian Market Festival, Artspiration

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