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A mother of twins recently told me about Instacart, a grocery delivery service that uses personal shoppers at local stores.  No one needs help with grocery shopping like a new mom, but I tend to enjoy choosing my groceries in person, sometimes finding inspiration while wandering the aisles of the store, so I was skeptical about whether or not a service like this would be helpful.  The past few weeks have been hectic though, with long work days and the kids’ busy calendar I decided this was the perfect time to trial outsourcing our grocery shopping.

The process was quite easy.  The first thing I did was check what stores participated in my area and was pleasantly surprised that I could choose from Whole Foods, BJ’s, Acme, Green Aisle Grocery, and Fine Wine & Good Spirits.  You can shop at multiple stores as long as you meet the $10 minimum at each store.  Then, I started to browse the “Popular” items lists, similarly to how I aimlessly wander the grocery store looking for ideas.  I found that when you add an item to your cart, Instacart gives you suggestions of related items.  At checkout, it also asks if a substitution for a similar product would be acceptable if your chosen item is out of stock.

I wondered, how much would I be paying for all of this convenience?  According to the website, delivery fees vary by store and location.  For me, it cost $7.99 if spending less than $35 and free for anything over $35.  Since I was shopping at my local stores, the prices and quality were exactly what I am used to getting.  One of the best features for city-dwellers is that you can order all of your heavier items and not have to carry them home (like this watermelon)!


Overall, using Instacart was like having a friend do my grocery shopping.  I basically gave her my list and she not only gathered these items for me but called me prior to delivery about any substitutions she needed to make.  I was able to select a one hour window for delivery and I received a text when my food was on the way.  My delivery arrived in a personal car and not a giant refrigerated truck, but I know that it was fresh because not only had my shopper called me 30 minutes prior to delivery from the store, but my apples still had that cool, dewy feel and my frozen veggies were ice-cold.

I am not surrendering all of my grocery shopping to online, but Instacart is a great way to augment my shopping, particularly for staples that I know I will need each week or things that are inconvenient to carry home.  For a limited time, Instacart is offering a $10 off coupon and free delivery for first orders to all Mommy Call readers.  Use the promo code below and then leave comments below about your experience!

Instacart promo code: mommycall or  https://www.instacart.com/store?code=mommycall


{Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I have no affiliation with Instacart and all opinions are my own.  I did use a $10 off coupon for my purchase.}

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