June Challenges

For the past month, I partnered with SheKnows.com to take five mini challenges that would give me some “Everyday Inspiration” to reconnect with the little things in life or learn something new.  I had fun approaching each of these challenges and wanted to share them with you.  Some of my challenges are already posted on SheKnows.com and others are on their way!

My first challenge on 6/3/14, was to book a ticket.  See what I booked here.  When was the last time you booked something for yourself?  Have you been meaning to plan that vacation or see that show?  Do it now!

On 6/11/14 you can read about my challenge to buy a house plant.  I have a track record of killing house plants immediately, but so far these are going strong!

house plants

On 6/15/14 you can see me consume a story.  Have you read a good book lately?  Are you keeping up with your professional reading?  Finding time to read without falling asleep is one of my greatest new mom challenges!

If you know me, you know I don’t cook much.  So the challenge on 6/20/14, of cooking with a new ingredient was a little harder than expected because I had to actually cook, but also easy because there are so many *new* ingredients!  What’s your favorite new ingredient this summer?


Lastly, on 6/25/14, I was challenged to make something for myself.  My instinct was to make something for my kids, but I redirected myself to stay focused to the challenge.  I found a way to get my kids involved in the project though.

So challenge yourself this month to take on something new or rekindle an old hobby.  Leave a comment below about what you did to add a little everyday inspiration into your life.

For the full schedule of Everyday Inspiration challenges:  http://www.sheknows.com/tags/everyday-inspiration
For the bio of the women who completed these challenges with me, click here.

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