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During my maternity leave, I needed to get a haircut before returning to work and since I wasn’t married to a salon yet, I decided to try someplace new.  I found Juju Organics in Queen Village, which I first noticed by their clever sidewalk signs and then subsequently learned more about their all-natural and organic approach to beauty care.  This philosophy was in line with my hesitancy to expose my breastfeeding infant to too many chemicals and my overall desire to leave the planet a better place for my kids.

salonI have since had two great hair cuts and one eyebrow wax there and they were able to accommodate me on short notice (i.e. “the kids are napping, can I come over now”).  I have not yet tried out their nail services, but I know that once G is old enough for a mommy-daughter manicure outing that I will be thankful for their non-toxic nail polish options.


While the services I received at Juju Organics were good and the eco-chic policies are commendable, one of the things that I like most about this salon is that it truly feels rooted in its neighborhood and is family friendly.  Not only were they willing to help a desperate mommy get her hair cut on short notice, but the woman next to me held her infant on her lap while getting her hair cut.  One of my stylists and I had a discussion about neighborhood schools and the owner and I discussed our work-life balance.  After nine years in Queen Village, Juju Organics is as invested in their local community as they are the larger environmental impact of their salon.

Juju_salonAfter a long work week and fighting a cold, a night out at Juju Organics was just the kind of juju that this mommy needed.


{Disclaimer:  My eyebrow wax was courtesy of Juju Organics and Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations.  I was not obligated to write this post and all opinions are my own.  I paid for my hair cuts and was a client of this salon prior to the media event.}

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