One Year


One year ago we welcomed a baby girl, who now is starting to walk and talk and teach us about the person she is.  It has been an amazing year and we have been enjoying celebrating all week with the little girl who made it so.

Observations of the birthday girl:

Teeth: 2

Words: Uh-oh, Dada, Up, Duck

Loves:  animals and her brother

Favorite foods:  mashed potatoes and milk

Favorite part of bedtime: brushing teeth

Party theme: milk and cookies

What she is getting for her 1st birthday: a flu shot

Happy Birthday, G!


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  1. Poor G, Happy 1st birthday and your 1st present A FLU SHOT! A loving gesture, yes,
    but you should wait until tomorrow. This will actually be funny when she is older and
    remembers her past birthdays and her favorite gifts! I’m sure this flu shot will not be one
    of them!

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