A Hero’s Halloween

dress_up_playI have nothing against superheroes.  We have plenty of comic book heroes around our house.  However, when my son wanted to dress as a real-life hero for Halloween, I was discouraged to find that our local Halloween superstore had no such costumes.  With walls full of spandex suits and capes, racks of shields, swords, and guns, we were simply looking for a firefighter helmet.  N outgrew his firefighter costume from last year and so we were looking for an updated version.  The store clerk looked at me confused and then informed us that they did not sell firefighter costumes.  I scanned around me for other everyday heroes: police officers, nurses, doctors, and teachers.  No, no, no, and no.

I remember dressing as a doctor when I was younger, as I knew that was what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Halloween gave me an outlet to try on this profession in a fun way!  Those were the first scrubs I ever wore and I remember feeling proud to dress like my doctor.  N feels the same about our local firemen and tells me often that he wants to drive a fire truck when he “gets bigger.”  So I did not let the costume store stop him and we eventually found a firefighter costume for him elsewhere.  He has worn it in his imaginative play many nights each week leading up to Halloween and long after his candy loot is gone, he will continue playing this role.

I know that soon he will likely want to dress like Spiderman or Captain America, but I’m enjoying his current appreciation for the heroes he sees in his everyday life and to whom he can aspire.


For last minute Halloween costume ideas, check out my Pinterest costume board here.

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume?

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