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A year ago I wrote about how I turned my son’s artwork into a stuffed toy with the help of a company called Budsies.  This year, N was tasked by his preschool teachers of bringing in an item for show-and-tell that was sentimental and he chose his Budsie firetruck pillow, which sleeps next to him every night.  He told his class about how he (with my help) drew a fire truck and then someone turned it into a pillow for him.  He was so proud to show off his creation.

His Budsie also reminds us of his buddy V, who moved across the country a few months ago and has her own Budsie.  N told his classmates about how he and his friend made these pillows together and that she now lives far away with her Budsie.  Although he may not remember making his Budsie, the memory of it being his own creation and sharing this experience with a friend has stuck with him.

I am always looking for new ways to save my children’s precious artwork and this is surely one that is both creative and functional.  I am looking forward to when N is able to draw more items for us to submit for our next Budsie.  In the meantime, I wanted to share this and offer Mommy Call readers a holiday discount!

1.  Go to www.budsies.com

2.  Upload, email, or text your child’s artwork to Budsies.

3.  Enter code: MommyCallBudsies and receive 20% off your purchase before December 31st.

4.  Get ready to receive your amazing creation in about 5 weeks.

5.  Comment below or tweet me photos of your Budsie!


{Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.  I have no affiliation with Budsies.}

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    1. Sorry that you ran into trouble. I have contacted Budsies to confirm that the code is still active, as it should be until 12/31.

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