Tuesdays with Mommy: Tea for Two

I am a frequent tea drinker, so it is no surprise that my daughter has already been gifted two tea sets.  We pretend we are having tea and cookies with the Fisher Price tea set and practice the concepts of open and closed with the musical teapot while singing silly songs.  We also practice taking turns, saying please and thank you, and pouring with her Green Toys tea set.  My son likes to join us too and he serves as a great role model for his little sister.  Tea time has become one of our favorite pretend play activities on these cold Autumn evenings.


Last Tuesday, we went to the King of Prussia mall to check out a new tea store called DAVIDsTEA, where we sampled and smelled a variety of tea leaves.  Since I was wearing her and our faces were close together, she even tried to get her nose in there as I sniffed the tea canisters!  We ended up spending a lot of money, but got a few good holiday gifts for the other tea drinkers in our life.  The only thing they did not have was a lactation tea, but we found some other teas made with moms in mind (like mighty Aphrodite and mother’s little helper).

loose_leaf_teasOne of my favorite things to do with my best friends is chatting over a cup of tea, so as my daughter and I play with her tea sets and shop for teas I am excited that someday we will be able to do this together too.  For now, I am enjoying our Tuesday tea parties, whether the tea is pretend or hot!


[Disclaimer:  I was NOT compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.  I have no affiliation with Fisher Price, Green Toys, or DAVIDsTEA.  Talk to your healthcare provider before taking herbal supplements or teas, especially while pregnant or breastfeeding.  Pretend tea prepared by your kids is always safe to drink, but best to blow on it, just to be sure.]

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