Parenting Today Parenting Team Contributor I am excited to announce that I joined the TODAY Show Parenting Team as a contributing writer.  I’ll be joining other parents who believe in the power of collective wisdom, including TODAY Show correspondents like Sheinelle Jones, Savannah Guthrie, and Jenna Bush Hager.  While I am honored to have been asked to join this forum, it is open to all parents, so you can join too!

So each month look for my posts on their parenting challenge topics here:  I’ll also be posting links on the Mommy Call Facebook page.

The first challenge was about advice you wish you knew when you were bringing home your babyMy take on it (adapted from an earlier Mommy Call post) was about how even as a physician I felt unprepared for some of the simplest parenting questions, like when can you stop wearing that hospital hat?

This month’s challenge is about finding ways to make raising kids less stressful, something that I think we are all interested in.  I share a few ways that I try to tame the chaos of raising two children and working full-time.

Make sure that when you stop by to read my posts, you click the VOTE button.  This will help increase the chance that one of my posts is featured on the TODAY Show.

As always, thank you for your support.

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