Setting Incremental Goals


One of the best parts about my job is the other working moms in my office who serve as daily sounding boards for my working motherhood journey. We frequently ask each other questions, share resources, and offer support. It is truly one of the keys to my success. Outside of work though, I had not found a supportive, helpful community of working moms until Dr. Portia Jackson found me and introduced me to her Working Motherhood site. A self-described rocket scientist turned financial planner and success coach, she interviews working moms about the secrets to their success and shares them as podcasts with the Working Motherhood community. So when she approached me about taping a podcast, I was excited to participate and take the conversations that I have with colleagues at work to the Working Motherhood community at large.

During my chat with Dr. Portia Jackson, we covered some of my favorite topics: maternity leave, breastfeeding, and immunizations. She assured me that the podcast would be 30-minutes of the “Katie show” and I will admit that as uncomfortable as this concept made me, talking about these topics was something I could have done for hours!

One of the take-home messages that Portia extracted from our interview was setting incremental goals. I discussed this in the context of breastfeeding, but I think it works with whatever goals you have set for yourself this year. When I started breastfeeding each of my kids, I had hoped to make it last for a year, but I set smaller goals along the way to help motivate and reward myself. Each small step was celebrated and moved us ahead to my ultimate goal. This technique not only applies to breastfeeding, but many other aspects of parenting and career development.

So please check out my Working Motherhood podcast and let me know what you think!

Podcast on the Working Motherhood site:

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[All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. I have no affiliation with Working Motherhood and I was not compensated for this post or podcast.]

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  1. I really agree with setting incremental goals. I can also relate to this. You know, it’s not easy to breastfeed. But like you, I set smaller goals along the way to make it happen. And everytime I hit my goal, I reward myself like going for a whole body massage or hair spa. It was fun. I’d say I never felt so excited and fulfilled while breastfeeding my kids. Take note, I have 4 kids. The reward scheme motivated me to go further and do it better everytime. And I couldn’t agree more. Setting incremental goals is indeed applicable to other aspects of our life including parenting and career development. Two thumbs up! Looking to hear more podcasts from you 🙂
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