Christmas Tree Selection & Safety

One of my favorite sights after Thanksgiving is when the sidewalks become lined with fresh Christmas trees and tiny white lights. We typically walk about one block to pick out our tree and bring it home, but last year’s tree left me underwhelmed, so this year we decided to drive out to Linvilla Orchards to pick our own fresh tree. We try to take the kids to the farm every few months anyway to expose them to some nature, so they were excited that Linvilla not only had pumpkins and apple cider donuts from our October trip, but now Christmas trees.

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Although we went to Linvilla for the Christmasland experience, we couldn’t help but go straight to our favorite part: the barnyard. My daughter was excited that the animals were all eager to come up to the fence and visit. We had two cows, goats, and sheep vying for our attention.

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My son’s favorite part is always the playground. He loves pretending to drive the wooden trucks. There are so many fun options for all ages too. Meanwhile, I escaped to the Garden Center Christmas Shop to do some holiday shopping and since it was #smallbusinesssaturday I felt I had to do my part! Obviously we also had to stop to buy a bag of apple cider donuts for the ride home.

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The most special part of our trip of course was picking our tree. Our kids have helped choose all of our trees in the past and they have pretty good taste. After they picked our tree this year, we watched them trim the trunk, bind it in string, and tie it to the roof of our car. The process was incredibly simple and quite entertaining to two small children. My son was excited that our car had a “Christmas tree hat.”

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Overall, our Christmas trip to Linvilla helped us create a special holiday memory and we are excited to make this a new tradition. As we now trim our tree and finish decorating for Christmas, we are also talking about holiday safety tips that are important when you have a fresh tree at home:

– cut a few inches off the trunk of the tree to expose fresh wood that will help the tree absorb water and prevent it from drying out.

– keep the tree away from heat sources

– keep the stand full of water

– check the tree lights for damage before placing them on the tree

For more holiday safety tips, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at: 2015 Holiday Safety Tips from the AAP. We made another stop at Christmas Village to pick out a few new ornaments and now our tree is complete! While Christmas is certainly about more than a tree and some glass ornaments, they helped us start the holiday season with some cheer and great memories.


[All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post. I have no affiliation with Linvilla Orchards or Christmas Village.]

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