A new project: a podcast


If I haven’t written as much here lately it is because I have been busy launching a new project: a podcast. A few months ago I took on a new leadership position and was tasked with educating a geographically and professionally diverse group of physicians. My boss gave me the freedom to creatively tackle this challenge and I decided a podcast would be the best approach. It allows physicians to update their knowledge on current events and hot topics in primary care without being tied to their desk or being told when they need to do it. These 15-20 minute podcasts are interviews between myself and content experts at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and they will be published on average every other week.

 There are a few ways you can listen:
·         www.chop.edu/pcppodcast

As this is a new venture, I look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have ideas for future episode topics, please leave a comment. I hope you enjoy listening to the Primary Care Perspectives podcast!

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