Stop Motion Filmmaking for Kids: Goldfish® Tales Animation Xperience Contest

“I took like 100 pictures,” my five-year-old proudly told me when I came downstairs. Sure enough, my iPad storage capacity was met with a camera roll full of awkward angles of the floor, bookcase, and fingertips. His fresh passion for photography was inspired by our recent adventure in making stop motion films for the Goldfish® Tales Animation Xperience Contest. I decided to attempt this project as a way to entertain him on one of seven days off from school, but I imagined that it would mostly be me trying to halt him from eating all the Goldfish® before we made the film. I was pleasantly surprised that we actually had a film in the end.

The contest involves making a short stop motion film featuring Goldfish® crackers, with $5,000 prizes awarded for Best Use of Goldfish®, Best Story, Best Up-and-Coming Animators, and Best Overall.

craft supplies

I have never made a stop motion film, so this project was more experiment than anything. First, we looked at our craft materials and household items for inspiration. Then, we came up with our story-line and acted it out. Next, we recorded the film frame-by-frame. Lastly, we uploaded it to YouTube for viewing!

Polar Surprise

So sure, the story isn’t very complex and only makes sense if you have the mind of a five-year-old. The lighting and focus are spotty. The timing is off. But it has lots of heart and we had fun making it. My son does not even know there is a contest involved, he only knows that we made a film together. Watching him excitedly dream up and plan his next film, and his next, makes me smile like those cheesy yellow crackers.

View our film here:

You can submit a unique video every day until February 27th. We may have more coming…

[Disclaimer: This video is an entry into a contest sponsored by Pepperidge Farm, Inc. I was not compensated for this post but my video is entered into the Goldfish® Tales Animation Xperience Contest and I was given craft supplies.]

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