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samiCan you maintain focus on your breathing while in pigeon pose as someone digs furiously through a tub of Legos next to your head? Sami can. The other thing Sami can do is motivate this exercise-phobic mother of two to get back into yoga. I have never enjoyed exercise, unfortunately. As I get older though and want to stay healthy, I know I need to maintain an exercise practice that is practical and beneficial. Yoga has been the one thing that I have been able to stick with over the years, albeit inconsistently, but there are two big barriers. 1) finding the time as a busy working mom, and 2) cost. Joining a gym or yoga studio is expensive, especially when you are not planning on going daily. This is why I was so excited to meet Sami.

Sami Fioravanti is a yoga instructor who comes to your home for 60-minute sessions that focus on your fitness preferences and tailored to your ability level. She has expertise in particular with mothers and loves to work with mothers and children together. Sessions are $25 if purchased individually or $20 each if you purchase 4 or more. Considering that you do no need to leave your living room, this is a highly competitive rate.

Sami and I met on a day when I had been rushing from work to the grocery store to my son’s school; otherwise known as a Wednesday. She came bearing a certificate of liability insurance, a short questionnaire about my goals, and a few props. My son has some experience with yoga from his school and I envisioned that Sami would help us practice together, but once he met Sami he was too intimidated to participate. So instead of joining us on the mats, he built with Legos around us, providing a lot of distractions and a noisy background. Sami remained professional though and guided my out-of-shape body back into the asanas. Afterwards I was the perfect balance of sore and energized.

I’ve tried mommy-baby yoga classes before but not only is it hard to get to them as a working mom now, but having your baby or child at a studio where they can disturb others is sometimes stressful. Having Sami work with you at home gives you flexibility that you don’t have in a studio. I really enjoyed our first session and look forward to more. Namaste.

mommaPromotion: Mommy Call readers get a free 30-minute session! Also, currently you get 10% off group package purchases. Contact Sami at

[Disclaimer: The above is not medical advice for any particular patient. You should talk to your health care provider before starting an exercise routine. I have no affiliation with Yoga w/ Sami and I was not compensated for this post.]

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