The Exciting Way I Started My Weekend


“So what did you do to kick off your weekend yesterday?”

A simple enough question, but at 4:30 PM on a Saturday I had to pause to consider how I should phrase a response to my 24-year-old hair stylist. Should I start with how I picked my daughter up from daycare, then helped my children ride their new bikes to the playground and celebrated that we avoided any trips to the Emergency Room? Or how we had pancakes for dinner and I was asleep by 11 PM? The exciting event of the night was when my son and husband built a new Lego set that came in the mail earlier in the day, while my daughter and I played with her stamp set and we managed to create a beautiful Autumnal tree. I laid on the dark floor of my daughter’s room for 20-minutes while she fell asleep, only to come downstairs to find my son awake and waiting for me. I pinned three recipes I will likely never cook to my Pinterest board. Before I completely passed out myself, I helped my husband repaint our basement, splattering myself with tiny white paint freckles that I would later have to scrub off. Ahem, not white, the “Swiss coffee” shade I spent 30-minutes choosing at Lowes last week. All after seeing patients and sitting on a 3-hour conference call.

“Nothing special,” I summarized. Looking downward at the black gown draped across my lap, serving not only to keep the trimmed hairs from my clothing but also hiding the 10 extra pounds I now carry around my middle since having kids. While I was embarrassed to recount this entirely mundane Friday night to this millennial stylist, it was actually a Friday in which I could be proud. There was a STEAM project, exercise, a home-cooked dinner, family bonding, and a home-improvement project. In the few hours that I have between leaving my office and crashing into my pillow, I consider this a success.

There is no doubt that my weekends as a parent are quite different from when I was her 24-year-old peer. While she reminded me that there was a band playing locally, I remembered that there was a children’s art shop hosting their grand opening, and while we missed it I made a mental note to visit it soon. My phone lit up on her console with a texted video of my daughter riding her bike and yelling “I love mommy!” Is there any other way to spend a weekend?

“How would you like your hair styled?” she asked in preparation of sending me out into the hustle and bustle of Saturday night in my neighborhood. It didn’t matter though, as my plans included making dinner, watching a movie, and doing some work on my laptop. The ringlets she made in my hair made me smile while walking around my house in my yoga pants though.

What I wanted to tell her was that this hour was the highlight of my weekend. An hour to be pampered, sip my iced tea in leisure, and zone out. No one could ask me for another snack. I didn’t have to wipe anyone else’s butt. I did not step on any Legos while walking to the hair-washing station. There were no decisions to be made, other than wavy or straight. Getting out to the salon was a weekend victory in itself. This news could make me the envy of any of my mom friends.


“So what did you do to kick off your weekend yesterday?”

I spent it with the best people I know in our favorite place.


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  1. This is legit my perfect night! I try to make every Friday and Saturday night like this on a regular basis!

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