Summer of ’17


Summertime often feels like an endless cycle of applying sunscreen and tugging wet bathing suits on and off my children. I am constantly tracking down and tallying sunglasses, goggles, hats, and flip flops. Knees are skinned, bug bites speckle their legs, and sand is pouring out of every purse I own. The late sunsets have ruined our bedtime routine and some days the humidity leads us to watch more TV than I care to admit. I am sweating off all of my makeup and my hair is twice its normal volume.

On the other hand, we have collected shells, ate scoop upon scoop of ice cream, and belly-flopped in every pool we found. We have lost 1 tooth and gained a handful of freckles. We pack bathing suits with our school lunches and come home with paint splattered arms. Playgrounds are our second home, where we picnic with pizza and watch pinwheels spin. Our garden is bursting with flowers and the evening sky is our favorite shade of pink.

This summer we have traveled more than usual, including North Carolina, New York City, and the Jersey Shore. We have relived childhood memories through our children’s eyes. In each place, we have reconnected with old friends and extended family. We explored new museums, rode rollercoasters, visited historical sites, and ate fresh food off the grill most nights of the week. We have not passed a fountain without throwing a coin and making a wish.

These are the things I know I will remember when I remember the summer of ’17. Luckily, it’s still only July and there are still so many fireflies to be caught.

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