Photo credit: CHOP
Photo credit: CHOP

Thank you once again to another year of supporting Mommy Call. Every time I slow down in my writing, one of you told me how much you enjoyed reading this blog and it rejuvenated me. Thank you for this online community. I will always write for myself, but I share publicly and vulnerably to offer some hope and laughs for all of you. So thanks for reading and loving me back.

I am also grateful for your support in all of Mommy Call’s side projects. You have followed me over to sites like KevinMD, JAMA Pediatrics, and Mamalode. If you missed any of these, you can check out the Media tab above for a full list of links.

You have also followed me over to Twitter, where I broke through 1,000 followers this year, and my new Mommy Call Instagram page. I love seeing you in different places.

And this year you have heard my voice, on my new podcast called Primary Care Perspectives. You have really embraced this labor of love. I am so happy to help primary care pediatricians continue their education without sacrificing work efficiency or quality of life.

You have also helped fund Mommy Call (this site isn’t free, after all) by clicking on my Amazon affiliate links or shopping my Beautycounter site. I really appreciate this support too.

Furthermore, you have spotted me around Philadelphia! While this sometimes scares me, to be honest, I am excited when I meet strangers who have found their way to this little blog and find some comfort in knowing there is another mom out there doing her best too. So please say hi.

This Thanksgiving I add my Mommy Call readers to the list of things of which I have to be grateful. Truly, this is my happy place. Thanks for joining me here, and everywhere. Happy Thanksgiving!

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