The Gift of Safer Beauty

Did you know that the FDA has neither the power to check ingredients in your personal care products before they go to market nor the ability to recall products that are believed to be harmful? Also, the US has not passed a major law regulating cosmetics safety since 1938! We deserve more than that, which is why I became a consultant for Beautycounter, a safer beauty brand that is advocating for tighter regulations on their own industry. In March 2018, Beautycounter will be sending 100 of their top consultants to Washington, DC, to lobby on behalf of the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113) and I hope to be among them. In its current form, the bill would:

  • Require the FDA to review at least five chemicals for safety each year
  • Require companies to share ingredient information with the FDA
  • Require companies to report “serious adverse events” related to their products within 15 days
  • Require online brands and salon product makers to disclose their ingredients
  • Allow the FDA to recall unsafe personal care products
  • Provide protections for small businesses without sacrificing public health
  • Ensure adequate funding for FDA to conduct oversight and fulfill staffing needs

It is startling that none of this is currently happening with products we use daily on ourselves and children. So as you do your holiday shopping this year, consider gifting safer beauty that shows others you care about their health, which will also help send your local Beautycounter consultant to Washington to advocate for safer beauty for everyone.

Shop here: 

Or let me do your shopping for you…

Teachers: Hand Cream in Citrus Mimosa

What teacher doesn’t have dry hands after washing all those germs off throughout the day? Give her a hand cream that shows you care about her and smells delicious! Tie it to a Starbucks gift card or a pair of nice mittens.

Grandmothers: No. 2 Plumping Spa Set

Make her feel young again with the restoring and firming mist, mask, and facial oil in this set. Pair it with a bottle of cucumber water and wash cloths and you have a spa in a gift bag!

Teenagers: Daily Detox Charcoal Set

Help her keep her skin selfie-ready with clearer pores! The charcoal mask is great for once or twice a week treatments, while the charcoal soap can be used daily to help absorb excess oil.

Nannies: Ocean & Pacific Palette

Better than Kendal Jenner’s eyeshadow palette and also less toxic! This palette multi-tasks with six eyeshadows, a bronzer, highlighter, and blush.

Besties: Lip Conditioner Set

You know you need a lip balm in at least two places at all times. Stock your friend’s desk and purse so she can stop ingesting harmful ingredients and instead luxuriate in this peppermint and calendula option instead!

New babies: Welcome Baby Gift Set

No one needs safer beauty more than our little babies, who sometimes get exposed to harmful ingredients, like formaldehyde, in their baby products. Not with Beautycounter! Give your new or expectant mama friends the gift of safer baby skin care.

Christmas orders need to be placed before 12/13/17. Happy safer shopping!


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